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Thomas Cale

Statement of Purpose

I have been painting for the better part of twenty years with a focus mainly on the human figure and portraiture. Shortly after the pandemic began, I was compelled to try a new approach to painting. With abstract art and neo-expressionism in the forefront of my mind, I began to paint with more energy and at a faster pace. My latest work responds to our world’s current state of affairs and draws from my own personal experience. My hope is that this work will serve as a valuable reflection and record of what is sure to be known as a highly unique and transformational period in our human history.


About Thomas Cale

Thomas Cale lives in Rhinebeck, NY and has shown in New York City and throughout the Hudson Valley. His work is mainly abstract and combines a beautiful color palette with contemporary figurative images, words, and phrases that reflect everyday current news, culture, fashion, and technology. The dark expressive lines and the layering of materials on the canvas have a gritty/urban quality and generate a feeling of urgency. The result is a projection of our fast paced society and our efforts to keep up with an ever changing, complex, and awkward digital world.



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