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Pat Hart

About Pat

Pat Hart has lived in the Hudson Valley since 1998. As a child growing up in northern Michigan, her favorite ways to play involved drawing, painting, cutting things out, pasting them together, sticking toys, beads, and other found objects into clay, sand and snow, and otherwise creating images and structures for the sheer joy of it. 


Pat put her art supplies away and earned her Master’s Degree in Speech/Language Pathology. Not to be denied, however, artistic pursuits continued to surface over the years in her work with children and adults with severe communication disorders, where art emerged as a tool to stimulate their self-expression.


Pat’s favorite art form became a more prominent part of her life when she joined the Tivoli Artists Co-op from 2001 through 2005. Since then, Pat has participated in events at the Morton Memorial Library in Rhinecliff, the Starr Library in Rhinebeck, at the Unframed Artist Gallery in New Paltz, and Red Hook CAN gallery. She has conducted workshops on the use of collage art as a method for intuitive self-discovery at the Morton Memorial Library, and as an Art Facilitator in the New Day Program at the Baptist Home in Rhinebeck and with ARC in Pleasant Valley. Pat’s work has been on display in multiple locations throughout the area including Grand Cru in Rhinebeck, Keegan Ales and ASK gallery in Kingston, Taste Budds, Enchanted Café, Hudson Valley Distillers, and the former Bread and Bottle in Red Hook. Pat has also conducted collage classes with Red Hook Continuing Education.

Artist's Statement

“My inspiration arises primarily from the transformational processes of life. Every piece contains a story that emerged within the creation of the piece, but remains open for the viewer’s interpretation. My work portrays visual representations of different aspects of our human journey, hopefully touching a thread that connects the viewer to the commonalities of emotional experience. I also stay true to my earlier experiences of art as play, keeping my sense of humor and continually finding myself surprised by the often synchronistic combinations of images that present themselves and then speak, asking to be included in the latest creation.”

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