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Kimberlie Dykeman

Kimberlie On Fire: Original art by Kimberlie Dykeman. Sourcing vintage architectural materials, reclaimed wood and elements of nature from old homes, farms and land. Specializing in abstract design, large and over-sized 3D art as doors, windows, mirrors, frames, crosses, hearts and mixed media composites. 


The Artist: Kimberlie Dykeman is an entrepreneur and artist who returned to Rhinebeck, NY, after 20+ years of exploring the world and its people. Growing up in the Hudson Valley, she learned to appreciate natural environments, harvests of the earth, fresh air, century-old barn architecture, and a limitless playscape of discovery.

From adorning her nightstand with sun-dried dandelions to sprawling grapevine across a bathroom ceiling, KD has always experimented with bringing the outdoors, indoors. Encouragement by a high school teacher sparked years of self-instruction and spontaneity. Her motto: if there’s space in the place, throw down a tarp and paint.

KD began evolving her now signature “rifting” technique in 2010, which marries her inspirations with the appreciation that, for many, art becomes more alive when you can actually touch it. Her evolution from oil canvas to large vintage doors emulates her growing vision of life as a series of choices that are openings to newfound perspective, unwavering optimism and dynamic purpose.

In 2013 KD was diagnosed with mercury poisoning and a debilitating immune disorder–both of which derailed many of her entrepreneurial pursuits. And yet, this creative outlet has served as a true tool of healing and saving grace to staying focused on triumphing for a brighter future.

Recurring themes reveal KD’s strong faith and expression of love, her untamable imagination, unquenchable curiosity, fascination with old architecture, childlike sense of adventure, and infatuation with color.

In a nutshell, KD transforms vintage and antique architectural elements into statement pieces that add character to an entire room; and her line of small wall décor brings new meaning to collage.


KD offers custom orders, interior designer consultations, special event installations, and private technique workshops. When not making a mess in her makeshift studio, Kimberlie is a Personal Assistant, Private Concierge, Executive Advisor, and Christian motivator.

Artist Statement: “Kimberlie on Fire defines how I feel when I paint. I passionately believe art magically impacts the human spirit and connects with people through its relativity to the human condition, compassion, pure connection, deep-rooted values, goodwill and collective hope. The practice of the creation process is an extension of my first love: writing. The bold colors and complex textures I choose are raw emotion come to life, with lasting hope of sparking the same in others.”


Technique: Crude materials for roughcasting, including plasters mixed with gel pumice, sand, dried paint, and pulverized tile, are layered on and manipulated with spatulas and then force-dried slowly, multiple times, and embedded with elements like grapevine, metal, patinaed nails, feathers and authentic stones. Each piece then brought to life with multiple deposits of acrylic paint and ink applied with spatulas, droppers and brush-splattering.

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