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Adam Geuss

About Adam Geuss


I was born and raised in Kingston NY living “downtown “ — a block from the historically  relevant Esopus Creek where boat building and brick yards provided employment for over half the population including most of my family members.  Solid blue collar working class grandparents, a ship yard supervisor and a successful baker.  Hard work was forged into my being.


High School and college were periods when I spent as much time earning money as I did my studies.  Not recommended but this was my reality.  Post college took me into the US Air Force as it was volunteer or be drafted into the Army.  Vietnam era.  The USAF gave me my career.  I flew in Fighter Aircraft in the war, and some years afterwards eventually led to a divergent career in Procurement and Logistics.  


After 21 years overseas, I retired from the Air Force, Federal Civil Service, NATO, and now live in Rhinebeck, NY. I was blessed meeting and marrying Roslye Roberts who followed or led my way producing three successful and beautiful daughters.  Ros remains the driving force of our small farm here in Rhinebeck.


Everyone needs things to do in retirement especially when work was all consuming during one’s work life.  Running and cycling kept me calm during employment but one cannot exercise all the time, so my doctor once told me.  I discovered Black Powder target shooting and traditional archery as hobbies connecting me to early life friends.  These hobbies led to leather crafts: every riflemen or archer needs leather products.


My Heart Hill Leather shop evolved as my interest in leather made products consumed my free time.  The huge heart I carve in our lower field and viewed and loved – I am told – by many approaching Rhinebeck from the east, inspired my brand.


Heart Hill Leather.  

Hand made, hand sewn, hand tooled.

Each bag for men or women are leather-lined and unique. No two bags are the same, and are guaranteed repairable as long as the leather lasts.  


More Information


Instagram: @hearthillleather

Text: 845-475-2948

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